Development of Engineering Education in Bahrain

TitleDevelopment of Engineering Education in Bahrain
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsAl-Sammak, A-I., and H. Al-Shehabi
Secondary TitleIEEE Technology and Society Magazine
ISBN Number0278-0097
KeywordsBahrain, engineering education

Engineering education in Bahrain has evolved along with the country’s political and economic shift from British control to national sovereignty. Beginning with UK-based craft and technician studies, engineering education evolved into a two-track US-influenced system, including diplomas for technicians and B.Sc. degrees for engineers. Currently motivated by higher salaries and social status, students prefer graduating as engineers even though the demand for technicians is higher. The presence of foreign nationals in engineering, mainly from India and Egypt remains significant, especially in the private sector. Engineers now work in the service industry as sales engineers as well as in management. Some engineers also have converted to other disciplines such as finance, marketing, and insurance where their skills are much sought after by the employers. In short, the evolution of engineering education and practice in Bahrain continues to follow the country’s political and economic position in a very complex region of the world.