#BLM & Systemic Racism Protest - Statement of Support

13 July 2020

Individually, and collectively as the International Network of Engineering Studies, we stand in support of Black Lives Matter and other race based equity organizations as allies. Along with much of the rest of the world, we were horrified by the killings of George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Aubrey, and countless other people of color, past and present, who were killed or injured by the police, the armed forces, and others harboring bias and hatred. As historians and interdisciplinary scholars, we recognize systemic racism’s origins in colonialism, slavery, and the unequal access to wealth and technology that will not be corrected until there is economic justice and equality for all Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, and other people of color. We recognize that this is one of the main injustices in the world at present; this statement, or one updated and revised by our organization, will remain on our website until the inequity is resolved. We invite those associated with such movements to reach out to us for our support, while our members work to identify specific actions they will take to affirm that Black Lives Matter.

Within our own domain of responsibility, we pledge to do what is necessary and right to address systemic racism and other patterns of inequity within our organization, and to do what we are able through our scholarship. This will include an annual diversity and social justice review and action plan. In addition, we are engaged at present in a concrete action to bring the existing scholarship on engineering, race, and technology into broader circulation, and will continue other such activities.

Officers of the International Network for Engineering Studies (INES)

Atsushi Akera, Chair
Jessica Smith, Vice Chair
Alice Clifton-Morekis, Secretary/Treasurer
Cyrus Mody, Editor-in-Chief, Engineering Studies
Brent K. Jesiek, Web Editor
Gary Downey, Past Chair

With Additional Endorsements from the Following Members:

Ryan Hearty
PhD student at Johns Hopkins University, history of science and technology
(Also assisted with the preparation of the statement)

Ellan F. Spero, Ph.D.
Lecturer, MIT; Co-Founder and Chief Curriculum Officer, Station1
(Also assisted with the preparation of the statement)