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Global Perspectives on Engineering - Program

International Network of Engineering Studies, Sponsored Workshop

Global Perspectives on Engineering
Lisbon, Portugal
October 14-15, 2008

Hosted by Maria Paula Diogo (New University of Lisbon)

This event is held in conjunction with, and immediately follows the annual meeting of the
Society for the History of Technology


Tuesday, October 14th
SHOT Conference Hotel (VIP Executive Arts Hotel)

1:30pm   Opening Session and Speakers
                 Maria Paula Diogo (New University of Lisbon)
                 Tony Marjoram (Division of Basic & Engineering Sciences, UNSECO)

2:00pm   Engineering and Global Development (Session I)
4:00pm   Engineering Identities (Session II)
6pm         Keynote Speaker:
                 André Grelon (Directeur d'études à l'Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales)

7:30pm Dinner

Wednesday, October 15th
New University of Lisbon

9:00am     Engineering and the Public Sphere (Session III)
10:45am   Education and Societal Change (Session IV)
12:45pm   Wrap-Up
1pm           Lunch
2:30pm     Group Activity (optional, TBA)

There will be 15 minute breaks in between each of the technical sessions
The full list of papers may be found below the reminders and announcements.

Reminder on Workshop Format

  • Brief pre-circulated papers (1800 words limit / SHOT papers are acceptable).
  • Due Date: September 15th, 2008
  • No presentation by the author; Open discussion of all papers in the session
  • Assigned primary & secondary readers (to be announced)

Please expect to remain at least through 1pm on October 15th. (if you need to depart early, please let us know so we can assign primary & secondary readers accordingly.)

Full List of Papers

Session I: Engineering and Global Development

“Moving Companies: How U.S. Engineering Consulting Firms Created the Global Assembly Line, 1949-1969”
Eda Kranakis (U Ottawa)

“Developing Technologies of Development Technology: Framing US Engineering Projects in Honduras and Nicaragua in the Context of US Engineering Education"
Park Doing (Cornell University)

“Capital Mediation: Mining Engineers and the Development of the U.S./Mexico Borderland”
Sarah Grossman (University of New Mexico)

“Knowledge, engineering practice and urban transportation projects”
Andrés Valderrama Pineda (Technical University of Denmark)

“Indian Mysorean Rocket: Factors for Developing the Industry of World's First Self-Propelled Rocket”
H. M. Iftekhar Jaim (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) and Jasmine Jaim (Eastern University, Bangladesh)

Session II: Engineering Identities

“Student Identity in Interdisciplinary Engineering Design”
Lisa McLoughlin (Greenfield Community College)

“A New Field for Some, or A New Approach for All?: U.S. Environmental Engineering Education and the Redefinition of Environment”
Jongmin Lee (Virginia Tech)

“Science Fiction Fandom, Geek Culture, and the Image of the Engineer”
Mark Clark (Oregon Institute of Technology)

“Engineering America: National Identity and the Mathematization of Nature, 1789-1870”
Ann Johnson (University of South Carolina)

“’Mixed’ mathematics and engineering in XVIIIth Century Spain. The Mathematical Course of Pedro Lucece.”
M. Rosa Massa-Esteve, Carles Puig-Pla, Antoni Roca-Rosell (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

Session III: Engineering and the Public Sphere

“Public Perception of Engineering through the Media: The First Portuguese Engineering Meeting”
Maria Paula Diogo (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), Ana Cardoso de Matos (Universidade de Évora)

“Khedives, Railways, and the Renaissance of Modern Egypt,”
Osama Ettouney (Miami University, Ohio)

“Engineering Design in Theory, teaching, and practice—the construction of design synthesis and methods and contemporary challenges”
Ulrik Jørgensen (Technical University of Denmark)

Session IV: Education and Societal Change

“The MIT Lewis Survey: Creating a Blueprint for MIT’s Cold War Institutional Identity, 1947-1949”
Atsushi Akera (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

"Teaching and Researching Engineering in Its Social Context at the UK Open University: Past, Present, and Future"
Chris Bissell (Open University, UK)

“Teaching the History of Technology to Today’s Students,"
Frederik Nebeker (IEEE History Center, Rutgers University)

"Emergent Areas in Engineering Education over the Last Two Decades,"
Bill Williams (Barreiro College of Technology, Setubal Polytechnic Institute, Portugal)

“Thinking Technology in Order to Think Engineering Education,”
M. Faucheux and J. Forest (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, France)

“East Asian Responses to ‘Substantial Equivalency’ in Engineering Education”
Heinz Luegenbiehl (Rose Hulman Institute of Technology)

The workshop is hosted by Maria Paula Diogo, New University of Lisbon, and is a “sponsored workshop” of the International Network of Engineering Studies. We also wish to thank our program committee for their efforts: Atsushi Akera (Rensselaer Polytechnic), Maria Paula Diogo (New University of Lisbon), Park Doing (Cornell University), Gary Downey (Virginia Polytechnic), Ann Johnson (University of South Carolina), and Ulrik Jørgensen (TU Demark).

If you have any questions about the workshop or its format, please contact the workshop co-organizer, Atsushi Akera, at / tel: (USA) 518.279.9708.

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