INES Workshop 2006 Manuscripts

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Akera, Atsushi (RPI, USA), "The Practice and Discursive Constructions of Engineering Education Reform ASEE Committee on Evaluation of Engineering Education, 1952-1955."

Bassett, Ross (North Carolina State University, USA), "Facing Two Ways: The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, American Technical Assistance, and the Indian Computing Community, 1961-1980."

Antoniou, Yiannis (National Technical U of Athens, Greece), "The Training of Greek Engineers in the National Technical University of Athens and the Plans for Industrial Development during the 1940s."

Chatzis, Kostas (Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, France), "A Lasting Exception: Training French Engineers from the Ancien Regime to the Present Day."

Diogo, Maria Paula (New U of Lisbon, Portugal) and Ana Maria Cardoso de Matos (U Évora, Portugal), "The Training of the Portuguese Technical Intelligentsia: Balancing the Old and the New."

Doing, Park, (Cornell U, USA), "Construction/Intervention: Performing Epistemology in Engineering Practice, Pedagogy, and Ethics."

Downey, Gary (Virginia Tech, USA), "Engineering as Problem Definition and Solution: An STS Reality Project in Engineering Education"

Gouzevitch, Irina (Ctr Alexandre Koyré, EHESS, France), Dmitri Gouzevitch (Ctr. du Monde Russe et Soviétique, EHESS, France) Paris, "The Rise of Technical Education in Russia : European models versus National Identity."

Han, Kyonghee (Yonsei U, Korea), "Whose Crisis Is It?: Rethinking "Science and Engineering Crisis" in Korea."

Jorgensen, Ulrik (Technical U of Denmark, Denmark), "Engineering Design Competences - the Controversial Relations of Technoscientific Discipline and Engineering Practices Pointing to New Foundations for Engineering Knowledge."

Knowles, Scott Gabriel (Drexel U, USA), "Engineers in Disaster: Underwriters Laboratories and the Invention of Risk Engineering in the United States."

Kroesen, Otto (Delft U of Technology, The Netherlands) and Wim Ravesteijn (Delft U of Technology, The Netherlands), "Priests Of Positivism: Engineers and the Legacy of the Great European Revolutions in A Globalizing World."

Lagesen, Vivian (Norwegian U of Science and Technology, Norway) and Knut H. Sorensen (Norwegian U of Science and Technology, Norway), "Re-Locating Software Engineers: From Technologists To Communicators?"

Leonardi, Paul (Stanford U, USA), Michele H Jackson (U Colorado, USA), William M. Waite(U Colorado, USA), Amer Diwan (U Colorado, USA), "Cultural Construction of Attitudes toward Teamwork in Student Engineering."

Lucena, Juan (Colorado School of Mines, USA), "‘Chasing Progress in Brasil: Engineering Education for "Ordem e Progresso.""

McLoughlin, Lisa (Greenfield CC, USA), "The Exceptional Woman Reconsidered: Two Successful Types of Undergraduate Women Engineering Students."

Nair, Sreelekha (Ctr. for Women’s Development Studies, India), "Men and Women in Engineering: An Indian Dilemma."

Nienkamp, Paul (Iowa State U, USA), "Science with Practice: The ‘New’ Education of Engineers at Land-Grant Colleges."

Lehr, Jane (King’s College, London, UK), Benjamin R. Cohen (U Virginia) and Jody Roberts (Chemical Heritage Foundation, USA), "The Ethical Dilemmas of a Critical Engineering Education: On Teaching Engineers to Not Be (Like) Engineers."

Rubineau, Brian (MIT, USA) and Gina-Louise Sciarra (CUNY, USA), "Identity Crises: Revealing Gendered Antecedents to Engineering Persistence."

Seron, Carroll (U California, Irvine, USA) and Susan Silbey (MIT, USA), "The Institutionalization of Crisis and Reform in Engineering Education: Professional Aspirations and Commercial Constraints."

Slaton, Amy (Drexel U, USA) and Agyeman Boateng (Drexel U, USA), "Setting Tolerances: Minority Engineering Programs and the Limits of University Diversity Agendas."

Staley, T.W. (Virginia Tech, USA), Brandiff Caron (Virginia Tech, USA) and Ashley Shew (Virginia Tech, USA) "Where Does Professional Responsibility End and Citizenship Begin?: A Study of Relationships Between the Discourses of Engineering Ethics and Public Engagement."

Starostina, Natalia (Emory U, USA), "Engineering the Empire of Images: Constructing Railways in French Colonies Before the Great War."

Tonso, Karen (Wayne State U), "Engineering Education and Reform: Change in a Culture of Engineering Practice That Intertwines Expertise, Gender, Power, and Identity."

Tympas, Aristotle (U Athens, Greece), Yiannis Garyfallos (U Athens/NTUA, Greece), and Spyros Tzokas (U Athens/NTUA, Greece), "On the Spontaneous History of Engineering Textbooks."

Valderrama, Andres (U de los Andes, Colombia), Richsard Arias (RPI, USA), Antonio Garcia (U de los Andes, Colombia), and Rafael Gomez (U de los Andes, Colombia), "Engineering Programs in Colombia: One Reform?"

Wisnioski, Matthew (Washington U, St. Louis, USA), "Applying the Humanities: Intellectual Crisis and Engineering Pedagogy."