Epistemology, Ontology and Ethics: ’Galaxies Away from the Engineering World’?

TitleEpistemology, Ontology and Ethics: ’Galaxies Away from the Engineering World’?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsChristensen, S. Hyldgaard, and E. Ernø-Kjølhede
Secondary TitleEuropean Journal of Engineering Education

Philosophy of technology/philosophy of science has recently become part of the curriculum of engineering degree programmes in Denmark. However, to what extent do teachers of engineering see it as meaningful for students to work with relatively abstract philosophical concepts such as epistemology, ontology and ethics as part of engineering degree programmes? And what, if any, are the complexities and difficulties in implementing philosophical questioning into engineering curricula? Do teachers tend to see philosophy of science as a kind of "Trojan horse"–an unwelcome idea that will defocus engineering degree courses and steal time from more important subjects? Or do they see it as a necessary and welcome addition to engineering curricula that will result in more qualified and free-thinking engineering graduates? Subsequently these issues are discussed in the light of findings in an empirical case study carried out by the authors at their Institute.

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