Guidelines for Reviews

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CASEE Global Workshop participants,

This message explains the review process for the manuscripts. Please complete and submit all reviews by Friday, August 22. We are compiling them into reference workbooks to facilitate discussions at the Workshop. Below the message are specific instructions on downloading manuscripts and posting reviews.

Review Process for Global Workshop

Overview: Most of the work for this workshop takes place prior to the gathering, the drafting and review of manuscripts. The actual workshop discussions are but one step in the process, which concludes with revised submissions by December 15 and final submissions by March 15. Authors do not present papers but listen to discussions of their manuscripts, a unique opportunity! Each 30-minute discussion is organized by a group of 8-10 people, led by a rotating discussion leader who begins by summarizing the written comments. We seek to build a dense network of communications around each paper.

Review Process: Please think of this as a collegial review for a friend rather than a peer review for a journal. The text is shared with all.

Also remember we are trying to follow the emergence of these projects in their own terms. Common use of the term “global education” is quite recent. We are not following the growth of education as an organism but rather how many different activities emerged that later became clustered under that term.

1. A half-page is sufficient. More is better. At the top, put only your name, as the reviewer, e.g. “Gary Downey.” The workbook will group together all reviews for a given paper.

2. Answer the following sets of questions (at least; more are better)

a. Does the personal geography give readers a vivid and thorough picture of how the activity it describes came about? To that end, does the author successfully avoid making the story purely autobiographical, e.g., a pure expression of passion or genius? Does it describe activities that were taking place prior to the development of this one? Does it make visible the presence, perspectives, and contributions of others? How might it be better?

b. Does the personal geography make visible the author’s struggles and uncertainties as the activity evolved over time? Does it make visible current struggles and uncertainties? An ASEE paper typically eliminates struggles and uncertainties so it can focus on efforts and achievements. Yet for readers to benefit from this personal geography they have to understand its specific struggles and uncertainties. How might it present these better?

c. How does the personal geography understand and present the activity in relation to what might be called global education? Does this activity appear to embrace, resist, or otherwise engage the term global education? One goal of the workshop is to show how the term global education sometimes labels quite different things. We want to make visible the differences as well as the similarities. How might the personal geography locate itself better?

d. Finally, the question of scale. How did this activity achieve its current level or scale? What would it take for it to get bigger?

3. Copy and paste the review at the workshop site. See below for detailed instructions.

We also want to alert all authors that final authority to include or not include a given personal geography in the published volume rests with the editors. Our expectation is that all invited manuscripts will appear. However, we reserve the right to not include one or more manuscripts that do not meet a minimum standard of quality.

Please let us know if you have any concerns. Thanks!

Gary, Kacey, Brent, and Juan

To Download Papers:

1. Go to:

2. Sign in using your userid and password. (If you have lost your userid and password you must contact and let them know you are not a Virginia Tech student and you need to retrieve your userid and password. Please alert Sharon if you do not resolve the situation promptly.)

3. Select “INES Workshop”

4. Select “Download Papers”

5. Select “draft manuscripts”

6. Select the Group to which you belong

7. Download papers by selecting each one

To Submit a Review:

1. Follow instructions 1-3 above to get to the INES Workshop site.

2. Select “Submit Reviews”

3. Select the Group to which the review belongs

4. Select the Author name for the manuscript you have reviewed

5. Select “reply”

6. Paste your comments into the text box (Do not attach a document, please)

7. Select “Submit”

8. Repeat for each paper you review (Feel free to submit comments for papers in other groups!)