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Stephen Barley
Stanford University
Sociology of Work and Organizations

Sarah Bell

Shane Brown
Associate Professor
Oregon State University
Engineering Education

Cognition, conceptual change, situated cognition

Indira Cambell

Christian Casper
Lecturer IV
University of Michigan
Rhetorics of science and technology, genre theory, discourse analysis

I'm a lecturer of technical communication in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan, where my pedagogical interests lie in communication within the fields of aerospace, biomedical, and chemical engineering and in the first-year and capstone design experiences.

I have research interests in rhetorics of science and technology, genre theory, and discourse analysis, and I continually seek to translate material from this work into pedagogical tools to improve communication practices in engineering, particularly within the design-build-test cycle.

Veronica Cronin

Gary Downey
Alumni Distinguished Professor, Science and Technology Studies
Virginia Tech
Engineering Studies, STS, Cultural Anthropology

I conduct comparative historical ethnographies of techno-national formation in engineering, tracing the contested emergence of dominant images and practices of engineers. Drawing on the findings, I also frame practices of critical participation to help engineers become better critical analysts of their own knowledge, expertise, identities, and commitments.

Florene Drescher

Natalia Fishbourne

Clayton Fleischer

Antonio Garcia-Rozo
Universidad de los andes
engineering studies

Matthias Gross
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Environmental Sociology, STS, Energy, Risk

Alternative Energy Systems (esp. geothermal energy), Environmental Sociology, Ignorance and the Knowledge Society, Real World Experiments and Environmental Innovation, Restoration and Contamination, Science and Technology Studies, Sociology of Engineering, Theories of Nature-Culture Relations


Brent Jesiek
Associate Professor
Purdue University
Engineering Education, Engineering Studies

Dr. Jesiek's research interests are focused on the epistemological, social, and historical dimensions of engineering and computing, with emphasis on subjects related to engineering education, global engineering, and computer engineering.

Lisa Kane
Honorary Research Associate
University of Cape Town
engineering studies, transport planning, traffic engineering, STS, material semiotics

I am interested in how ways of valuing work in engineering practices, either influencing or being influenced by them. My empirical site of interest is traffic engineering in the global South, and in the valuing of human rights within those practices. I'm specifically interested in how safety, equity and respect for the person are practised within contemporary engineering, or not.

My current research focuses on the historical case of an 'unfinished' freeway in Cape Town, South Africa and I am writing about how ways of valuing that freeway were explicitly, implicitly or sometimes elusively embedded, embodied of circulating in engineering practices over time.

This case has also piqued my interest in the transfer of traffic engineering practices between the global North (specifically the US) and the South.

Sanford Lambert

Vanessa Lamilami

Peggy Layne
Assistant Provost
Virginia Tech

Engineering workforce diversity, women in engineering

Marylou Metcalfe

Carl Mitcham

Josefina Nakamura

Dean Nieusma
Associate Professor and Director
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
STS, Engineering Studies, Engineering Education, Design

Engineering professional and educational reform, engineering and liberal arts integration, interdisciplinary design education, ethics and social justice, engineering for development, engineering militarism

Deniz Perin

Amit Prasad
Associate Professor
University of Missouri-Columbia
STS, Sociology, innovation studies

I study technoscientific innovations in medicine and health, particularly their entanglements with transnational and postcolonial transformations. I triangulate information obtained through oral histories, interviews, personal archives, etc. with those available in scientific publications to explore processes and contexts of innovation.

Jon Schmidt
Associate Structural Engineer
Burns & McDonnell
Philosophy of Engineering, Engineering Ethics

Intentionality of engineering practice, virtue ethics, practical judgment (phronesis), narrative thinking

Drusilla Seder

Ernest Singleton

Xainbin Sun

Knut H. Sørensen
Norwegian University of Science and Technology